Go Green Cbd Oils - Love Hemp™ CBD Rich Body Salve - 50ml is a brand-new product release by British company Love Hemp whose products are made by the master CBD craftsmen. Love hemp are world renowned for their ability to extract accurate concentrations of CBD and putting them into very well-received hemp based items. This hemp based body salve is a great way to apply CBD or cannabidiol to the skin topically without having to pre mix CBD with things like coconut oil thus giving you an easy to use effective CBD product.

Rich Hemp Extract Cbd body balm

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  • Love Hemp have had this product completely hand blended, meaning it's not another product off a mechanized production line, rather it's a unique CBD product made with care and attention from the hand blenders who care about the end product they make. It's a deep conditioning salve meant for use around the body that utilizes the amazing properties of natures bounty - the hemp plant. The CBD compound used has been extracted via super critical CO2 extraction method which is widely regarded as the premium way to obtain CBD without the use of solvents etc. The CBD is then blended with mixture of coconut oil and hemp oil as a base and then the best quality organic almond oil and beeswax are added to create a very easy to use product that is neither greasy nor hard for the skin to absorb. The oils used are meticulously constituted from an assemblage of high quality CBD Hemp strains grown within the E.U including Fedora & Lovrin Sativa Strains. If you have never used a CBD body salve then now is the time to take advantage of the power and effectiveness of cannabidiol derived from organic hemp plants. You can use it every day as part of your beauty regimen or alternatively you can use it on parts of the body that require a dose of CBD in targeted fashion. Either way is fine and using CBD is a safe and natural way to take cannabidiol. If you require further information please don't hesitate to phone or email us as we are always happy to help however we can. This is a hand blended and luxurious deep conditioning body salve that harnesses all the natural properties of the miraculous hemp plant that is gaining in popularity on a daily basis.

    Love Hemp or CBD oils UK are producers of high quality organic CBD products, made in Europe to a high specification, the products the have made are effective and powerful however we do ask that anyone trying CBD products for the first time checks with their doctor or does plenty of research before trying. Go Green Cbd Oils & love hemp do not make claims of the products we sell being cures for cancer etc. These are natural food supplements with powerful properties however to be sure they are right for you we suggest doing as much research as possible. You can be sure however that no love hemp products or any that we sell on this site have been made in China and absolutely no synthetic or GMO hemp is used in the production of any products.


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